Saturday, March 16, 2013

48 Hours Until My RNY Bypass Surgery... What I'm Doing Now

It's almost time! I cannot believe how quickly the days have passed since I got my date and insurance approval. On Thursday of this week, 3/14/13, I had my EGD. I made a video before I went back and after I went home, you can find it on my Youtube channel, under the Goodbye, Fat Kat! playlist. There is a link to the videos in that playlist in the right margin of this page. I recommend you subscribing to my channel! You can watch my progress and see the difference in me as well as reading along. I really appreciate you following my blog, and all of your support! I only wish I had more comments so I'd know you all are reading!
Back to the EGD:
It went well. I love anesthesia, what can I say? I slept good all day Thursday, I got up for a few hours, and was out again by around 9:30 that night, and slept like a baby! I had some minor pain in my lower throat and in the top part of my tummy, but that's only because he did a biopsy. Everything looked great, according to my surgeon. The only effects I'm still feeling two days later, are a weird hungry gassy feeling in the upper part of my tummy. The nurse told me they put a little air in there for the procedure, and that I'd probably experience something like that. I've tried burping, but to no avail. This too shall pass. Pun intended.
So what have I been doing to get ready?
My husband helped me yesterday, and we did a really good house cleaning! I put him on ceiling fans and air conditioner filters. He said, "don't you have a duster for the fans?" I said, "I'm looking at it!! Chop chop, Baby!" I thought it was funny. Him, not so much! So I scrubbed the bathroom, like a sailor, de-cluttered, dusted, swept and mopped, changed bed sheets, and all that other good stuff. I'll be at my mom's house for a week when I get out of the hospital on Thursday, and he's going back to work! Praise God!! He's been out for awhile, trying to get his meds adjusted so we can be seizure free for what we hope will be at least another three years! I've been pretty good on my pre-op diet. Yesterday I did have a payday candy bar. So. Good. Last night we got together with some friends an there were boxes on top of boxes of Papa  John's pizza. It smelled so good. I resisted! That's a big deal for me! It's hard when you know you'll probably not have it again for a very very long time! I had a huge salad, and my best friend's husband had a salad as well because he has a gluten allergy. I did, however, have two peanut butter cookies. Heaven on Earth. I had a good day yesterday, because that's really all I had was salad the two no no's, and protein shakes of course.
Today we are going to clean out the car, and hang out with my best friend and her hubs. We love these peeps to death. God sent them into our lives. I have no doubt about it. Tonight, I am going to cheat a little. I'm making smothered chicken- it's not as bad as it sounds. It's baked boneless skinless chicken breast topped with bacon and mushrooms, and queso cheese. I should be fine as long as I don't overdo the bacon or the queso. My homegirl is baking a cake for me, and I'll have a small piece. Hey! Sunday is nothing but clear liquids and bowel prep. I think it'll be okay.
I think worrying about my liver not shrinking has been what's kept me on the pre op diet the most. My surgeon won't postpone, he'll switch to open surgery if he can't stay with laproscopic because of not being able to move my liver around if it's too big and hard. Yeah. I don't want a big scar down my tummy.
I did a pedicure last week, I'll touch it up today, and I'm going to throw a few foils in my hair to ward off my roots from showing so badly. I don't feel like doing an entire color process, but I know it'll be awhile before I can stand in the bathroom and highlight my hair. I don't want to be looking AND feeling like crap!
Tomorrow I'll pack, and clean my CPAP, charge the iPod and ASUS, and poop poop poop!
And then hungry and starving, I shall arrive at the hospital at 10 am on Monday morning.

I said on my video blog the other day that now is the time to start following my progress. Up until now it's been jumping through hoops for insurance and all the fun pre operative stuff. Now is where the fun begins! If you have a blog and you'd like me to follow it, leave me a comment or send me an email! I will support you all the way!
I'll be back with another post after surgery, as soon as I'm comfy and clear headed enough to think!
While you are waiting here are some pages from my patient handbook, courtesy of my wonderful surgeon's team... read through them and see if there's anything that will benefit you! Consult a doctor before making any serious changes to diet or exercise!

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  1. So much to read and follow up on after surgery but it will be so great for you! You are going to love it and the results will be amazing. I had Lap Band not RNY but it has proven to be a very motivating tool for me. I look forward to following along. Good luck with surgery!

  2. I just came across your blog, and wanted to wish you good luck for the surgery. I look forward to following your journey from here on out!


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