Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 5 Post RNY Bypass Update

Hello blog land! I am so bad. I haven't been on in a minute now. I do apologize. So here's an update. I am five weeks and one day out from Gastric Bypass surgery, and I am feeling great!! I started Zumba a week ago after I joined a gym for the first time ever! Yes. I did!! I've been walking at home and on the treadmill. I tried the elliptical once, let's just say that's gonna take some getting used to. Last night I did water aerobics AND Zumba, and I was too pooped to finish the Zumba class. I was digging deep, but coming up empty because I really didn't eat enough to feed a bird yesterday. Result: my silent mantra, "Bad Kathy. Bad, bad Kathy!!" Today I've done better with eating, but I will not be visiting the gym tonight. I did get out and walk two miles today with my buddy. So it's not like I didn't do anything at all. What am I eating? I'm still on soft foods. As far as meats go I'm eating dark meat chicken, fish, and some pork cuts. My sinful delight is nacho chips! I've never liked them that much, now I want them all the time. It's been three days since my last tostito on my honor!! This week I'm feeling a lot more restriction, so the Greek yogurt that was my staple food is almost intolerable. I'm eating lots of fruits and avocado and pico still. I'm not having any difficulty drinking my fluids. I'm losing inches like carazy! I've already dropped a pants size. I need a new bra. My girls are melting. My skin is clearer. I'm so happy. There are days I feel like the scale isn't moving but at the end of the week, the loss is always there. I'm grateful for that. I am taking two multivitamin and two calcium chews daily, along with Biotin. Doc doesn't want me on B12 just yet. I know it's not much for a five week update!! That's what the comment box is for. If you have any questions ask away! Thanks for reading, and go see my YouTube channel. I've been posting more over there because it seems so much easier.

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